European Route of Industrial Heritage Anchor Point

anchor point recognition

The European Route of Industrial Heritage (ERIH) are the tourism information network of industrial heritage in Europe. The route system is a signpost to Europe’s industrial heritage. 

  • Where was the world’s first factory? 
  • Where was the largest steam engine built? 
  • Where can you find the most up-to-date colliery of its time?

Industrialisation changed the face of Europe. Consequently, it has left us a rich industrial heritage. A gigantic network of sites spread all over Europe. It only has to be brought back to life, which is what the ERIH is doing.

It is a great honour that we have been signposted as an Anchor Point as these points are selected due to being a site of exceptional historical importance in terms of industrial heritage that also offer a high quality visitor experience. Acceptance as an Anchor Point, which is reserved to ERIH members, is a seal of quality and it offers visitors the promise of an enjoyable and interesting visit.