Black Country Living Museum

Awlroight, ow' bist?

At Black Country Living Museum, we connect you with stories. We proudly share why our small region made a big impact on the world and bring Black Country folk back to life, from metalworkers and miners to nurses and schoolteachers – and even a pub landlord or two.

You will experience sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the Black Country as you explore shops, houses and industrial workshops. With plenty to see and do, you are in for a bostin’ day!


Discovery Way
Dudley, DY1 4AL

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We’re open daily. 


Unlimited daytime visits, free parking and more!

1960s Evening

Saturday 29 June | Step back in time to the Swinging Sixties
Join us for an evening of live bands playing all your favourite 1960s tunes, far out fashion, happening hot-rods and delicious chow as we dance the night away on our new 1940-1960s high street.
Whether you’re a mod, a rocker, or a bit of a square, this shindig’s got the full monty.
A model in a 1960s costume leans against a zebra crossing pole.